RELEASE | The Other Room Vol. 1 | Aftersyx Recordings Label Sampler

The Other Room | Aftersyx Recordings | Iloilo City, Philippines
It was around the early 2000’s when Aftersyx was conceived. From its beginnings as a sub-label for Hotbox Records RP, to what it is today, it has always stayed true to the purpose for which it was created. And that is to present Ilonggos with an alternative to what is readily available to them in terms of music.

Fast forward to 2016, and it still abides with the said principle.

The Other Room is both a culmination and a reaffirmation of everything we believe in as a collective. It is an extension of our personalities and a reflection of our musical taste and preferences.

Though we might eventually decide on releasing a physical copy for this release in the future, for now, we are offering The Other Room for free.

The only thing we ask in return is for you to open your mind and “Have a listen!

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The Other Room track list:

LNDLY | These Days (0:22)

LNDLY | This Summer (3:08)

LNDLY | Waking Up (5:49)

The Sound Next Door | A Sample Of Joe’s Soul (9:34)

The Sound Next Door | Through Elliot’s Eyes (13:52)

The Sound Next Door | Beautiful (19:38)

85Filter | Lazily (24:55)

85Filter | Interdimensional (28:26)

85Filter | Clueless Machines (32:59)

Nervegasm | Unknown Movie Theme (37:57)

Nervegasm | Trend Treat (41:37)

Nervegasm | Weekend With You (44:45)

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